SRM University is recognized across the country for its high standards of education, exciting opportunities and excellent placement. To maintain its top position, the University is spearheading with Semester Abroad Program (SAP), a unique initiative providing its students an international exposure and global opportunities. This, we believe, is the first of its kind in India.

Under the Semester Abroad Program the students are allowed to take-up a few courses and /or a Major project in reputed foreign universities for ONE semester. The credits earned in the foreign university through the SAP will be translated into SRM credits, by an approved conversion procedure, and taken for consideration for the award of the degree by SRM University. After the study period at a foreign university the students return to SRM University to continue with the degree program for which they were enrolled, and after fulfilling all the necessary conditions laid out in the regulations of SRM University, the student will become eligible for the award of the degree.




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