Sharing Experiences

Sanjana (Genetic Engg) at Warwick, UK

"Coming to Warwick as a part of the Dual Degree Programme was perhaps the best decision I ever made! I shall be getting both my B.Tech and M.Sc degrees in just 4 years, ahead of my peers. And, we will be allowed to work 2 years after graduation here. Warwick has the best research labs and many eminent scientists - and has opened up exciting opportunities for SRMites."

Taran Bedi (EEE) at UWM, USA

"I am excited to have got transferred to the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee at the end of my third year at SRM. Will be completing my BS and MS at the US in just two years, saving cost and time. Many thanks for opening up this world of opportunity for me. I never dreamt about this, even a year ago."

Omar Mehta, SAP Transfer to University of Wisconsin, USA

"The Semester Abroad Program has greatly helped me improve and sharpen not just my academic skills but has also benefited my future career prospects and has given me the right direction to streamline my efforts. Getting accepted for Masters in Computer Science at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, after completing a year as a Transfer Student is a great example in itself for the success of the Semester Abroad Program at SRM University. Also, Being offered a Project Assistant ship position this Summer'09 to Financially Support my Studies and gain Knowledge with Research, amounts to the Huge Success of SAP."

Vikas at University of Wisconsin

"I'm extremely glad to inform you that, I have got admission in Columbia University - New York for MS in Computer Science. I attribute this achievement to S.R.M - S.A.P and the exposure it has given me, without which an Ivy League university would probably have been nothing more than a dream.
I have also got admits from Purdue University, University of California - Santa Cruz and University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, but I'm choosing Columbia over them owing to its history, reputation, location, departmental research and Industry exposure. Thank you for your support and guidance."

Kaushik Ghosh, UW-Milwaukee,USA

"I am extremely pleased to inform you that i have graduated from UW-Milwaukee with a final GPA of 3.7on 4. It was due to your effort that i was able to breeze through the process of transfer and complete my degree. I am joining University of Utah in fall 2009 as masters computer science with thesis with an aim of doing Phd in the future. I seek your continuous blessings for my further success in career. Thank you once again for the biggest contribution which you have made to my career one that really changed my life."



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