SRM Student at University of Wisconsin

I have always wondered living in Chennai at temperature levels close to 40 C, will I ever get the opportunity to experience a cool breeze? I can proudly say now that I have been to both extremes this planet can offer. How? you ask me. Well my 6 months at Wisconsin stands as proof for that! Wisconsin? Where did that come from? Ahh, now that is a good question.

I am Shaswath Sekar pursuing my final year B-Tech at the Department of Genetic Engineering. I went to the University of Wisconsin- Madsion as part of the Semester Abroad Program (SAP) during my 6th semester. Of all the things to talk about, why start off with the weather you may ask me? Simple, that’s the first thing you experience the moment you step inside Wisconsin.  Coming back to my academic experience, I did theoretical courses in UW-M relating to microbiology and I also got the opportunity to work in a lab.

I have a keen interest in the field of infectious diseases, and with the confidence that I gained in SRM I approached scientists for a lab position. Dr. Adel Talaat, a renowned researcher known for his work in tuberculosis was kind enough to offer me a lab position. Dr. Adel Talaat was impressed by my work so much so that he even presented my findings in an International conference. I would also like to mention that he offered me a PhD position in his lab after my under graduation. Due to my lab experience in Wisconsin I was able to land a prestigious fellowship in IISER, Mohali with a stipend.

I have seen good offers come my way for my 8th semester project thesis. All of these achievements were only possible due to my amazing SAP experience,” said an excited Shaswath on the time he spent at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Shaswath Sekar
Department of Genetic Engineering

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