Twining Program

“A cultivated mind is one to which the fountains of knowledge have been opened, and which has been taught, in any tolerable degree, to exercise its faculties”
-John Stuart Mill, Utilitarianism, II, 1863

Twinning / Transfer programs allow SRM to offer Bachelors (UG) and Masters (PG) degree programs which will have their regular curricula. The existing curricula may be supplemented by additional curricula of the partnering universities if desired by SRM. Through twinning / transfer programs, SRM students will be able to earn several credits during the course of their normal study in SRM. Students will have the opportunity either to complete their studies in SRM or to transfer their credits to the partnering universities at any time after completing two year of their studies in SRM. Students, who opt for transfer, can then finish their degree programs by completing the remainder of credits in residence at the partnering universities.

The number of credits to be waived for students admitted on transfer basis will be at the discretion of the partnering universities. Students enrolling in the graduate and post-graduate programs in the partnering universities will be given degrees and diplomas by the partnering universities after successful completion of study. Transfer students will be charged the prevailing tuition by the partnering universities. Students who do not plan to go to the partnering universities and students who have been unable to get visas will complete their program of study in SRM, would be awarded degrees by SRM.

SRM  Academy  for International Programme (AIP)  is designed to stimulate curiosity for and love for learning , which  widens  the  scope  of  educational opportunity and access  for  students.  SRM  University  works  closely  with leading universities around the world to offer an affordable way of getting an internationally recognised  qualification. In response  to enquiries from parents  and  students  across the country  for (i) Twining (Transfer)  Degree overseas (ii) Dual Degree overseas, AIP is well positioned  to offer such programmes in collaboration with world’s best universities to provide students with skills necessary to be successful in the 21st century ans well as empower all students to be engaged citizens of the world.. The eligibility requirements are different for the regular programs.

Program Structure:

This is structured as 2+ 2 program at the Bachelors level. For  instance,  students enrolling  with  SRM  for  Undergraduate  engineering program  will complete  their  two  years  of  study  at  SRM, India and later move over to the partnering university in USA and  other  countries  and  complete  the  rest  of  the programme in two or more years to secure BS from overseas. SRM University will not award the B.Tech Degree. Refer SRM website for list of Universities. Similar arrangement (1 + 1) at Masters level is also being worked out with few universities.


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