SRM's Road to Glory at Robogames '18



SRM Team Humanoid won two gold and one bronze medal in the International Robot event – RoboGames 2018 –  held recently in Pleasanton, California, USA. SRM Team Humanoid of SRMIST was one of the two Humanoid Robotics Team from India invited by the organizers of  RoboGames 2018. The team of seven members was shortlisted for the competition in the international platform.

Gold in ArtBot - Musical

Musical was an event in which the robot which was being used had to play a certain instrument without human intervention. The participants were judged based on creativity, quality and diversity of the sound. The competition was quite tough with various nations participating in the competition. The main contenders were Turkey, who had two entries for the event. They had a lego-based setup which would play guitar asynthesizer. They had only a single song which they could play. SRM Team Humanoid had a robotic arm which could play a xylophone. To make it interesting and more interactive, SRM Team had trained the robotic arm to play 5 different songs.

Bronze in BiPed Race

BiPed Race was an event in which the humanoid robots had to run along a 2-metre track. The fastest robot wins the competition. SRM had the toughest competition in BiPed Race with countries like Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Hong Kong, Poland, USA as competitors. Hong Kong clearly had the best of robots as they used custom servos which had a torque of 41kgf, which eventually made their robot very light, thus helping the robot run as quickly as possible by using the concept of material analysis, centre of gravity and aerodynamics. Our Smart Servos had a 15kgf torque. Hong Kong had a record in that event as their best run was recorded as 2.6 seconds to cover 2 metres. Other teams had a longer time run ranging from 21-35 seconds. SRMTH Ghost’s best run was recorded as 7 seconds, which indeed helped the team win the Bronze!

Gold in Autonomous Humanoid Challenges – Obstacle Run

In the obstacle run challenge, the robot must move from one end of the playing field to the other as quickly as possible. There are three types of obstacles in the environment: hole obstacles, wall obstacles and gate obstacles. None of the obstacles had to be touched or destroyed. We had enough competition in all the stages with us finally competing against Poland who had the well built Nao(robot). Nao is an efficient as it is factory made, but was slower enough to our Humanoid Robot- SRMTH Ghost. The plan was to sense all the obstacles and identify the gaps in the middle such that the robot can trace its path as quickly as possible in which it needs to traverse and cross the 3 metre track by utilising the least time.
Poland went first and they had the time recorded in their successful run was 1 minute and 15 seconds. It was time for SRMTH Ghost, and the time recorded in our successful run was 18 seconds, thus creating a record at the RoboGames which ultimately led to another Gold for our nation, India!


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