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SRM Alumni Clears Civil Service Examination with All India Rank - 338

Nishanth Rao,( B.Tech. Biotechnology of 2009-2013) of SRM University has passed the Civil Services Exam with 338 All India rank. Nishanth has been selected for Indian Revenue Services, which deals in Income Tax and Customs affairs. He has been positioned as Assistant Commissioner of Income Tax. IRS is the top most body of the country which designs financial budgets and innovate the economic policies for future growth. Holding such a prestigious achievement, Nishanth becomes courteous to his academic exposure at SRM University.

Nishanth says SRM laid the foundation to his aspirations. The interaction with students from various part s of the nation, and the faculty community of SRM contributed more to his knowledge pool.  After completing his Engineering degree in Biotechnology, he attended coaching classes at Sankar IAS Academy, Chennai.

Nishanth remarks that the subjects he had to study were totally new to him. Being a science student from his higher secondary education, he worked hard to understand and gain thorough knowledge in Humanities subjects, Law, Constitution etc. Proper guidance from the professors at SRM University helped him in it.

“Aptitude paper, which is a key subject for the IAS preliminary examination is being taught in SRM University. My language skills had improved by communicating with students and faculties from across the globe. The practical knowledge I have gained during the course cannot be ignored. Practical sessions are as important as theory since it always allows one to think about how to implement in daily life and humankind will get benefited out of it.  The workshops and symposiums created more exposure to the outside world” – Says Nishanth

Nishanth remarked that he has made good use of SRM University library where a number of books, magazines, journals and newspapers taught him more than any teachers did. Many articles he read gave him an idea about how the examination syllabus will be and how can be covered effectively. Reading being a habit helped him to edge over many candidates, he said.

Civil service sector is India’s largest service system which has permanent representatives to design and employ the different plans to serve the country. Nishanth says it is high time to encourage SRMites for civil service jobs as it provides various opportunities.