Students Activity Centre


Students Organisation and Clubs

SRM University provides a multitude of extracurricular activities to enrich student lives beyond academics. They play an integral role in the collegiate experience. Living in a large community with people in the same age group lends itself to many social activities, Student Activity Centre is the nucleus of all these activities.

From Inter House Competitions to National Level Cultural Festival, Student Organisation and Clubs is the reason why the college campus buzzes with activities throughout the week after college hours. A team of Cultural Secretaries, Treasurer, Public Relations Officers, Executive Reporters, HRs, Sponsorship and House Captains coagulate and make things happen throughout the academic year.

S.No Position Name Department Year Mobile
1 Cultural Secretary Srivatsav.P.S Chemical  Final Year 9840066058
2 Co-Cultural Secretary Sri Sai Likhita ITCE Final Year 8144971143
3 Treasurer D.Venu Kumar ECE Final Year 9043216449
4 Public Relation Officer (Co-Convenors) Radhika K B.Arch Third Year 9600128594
5 Srikrithi.K.S Mechatronics Third Year 9952001657
6 Aakash House Captains -(E&T) Avikal Saxena Mechanical Final Year 9790860067
7 Auindrila Das Genetics Final Year 9500115975
8 Agni House Captains -(E&T) Siddhartha Pathak ITCE Final Year 9003126241
9 Ancia Victor Mechatronics Final Year 9790946224
10 Prithvi House Captains -(E&T) Kota Varun IC Final Year 8056013500
11 R.Divya Genetics Third Year 9962030563
12 Trishul House Captains -(E&T) Abdul Ahad Malim Civil Final Year 8939017867
13 Bhumika CSE Final Year 9176788825
14 Astra House Captains (All FSH) Aravind BBA Final Year 8056150729
15 Pooja Suresh  Nair B.Sc -ISM Final Year 9940540333
16 Brahmos House Vice-Captains (All PG)  Idayathulla S Kaif MBA  1st Year 9789378537
17 Kiruthiga M.Tech- Civil 1st Year 9500812519
18 Publicity Head K.Yaswanth Kumar Nano Technology Final Year 9444442361
19 Publicity - Internal Co-Ordinator A.Vijay Sekhar Reddy EEE Final Year 9790904774
20 Internal Publicity N.Sarath Kumar Mechanical Final Year 9791818818
21 Internal Publicity - Programmes G S V Harsha Vardhan Chemical  Final Year 8939021714
22 Auditorium Maintenance - Convenor Punati Arihith Civil Final Year 9790857839
23 Hospitality - Convenor Madhurima  B.Des Final Year 9710910899
24 Sponsorship - Convenors Debrup Banerjee IC Final Year 9600184707
25 Pinto Mandal Civil Final Year 9790861811
26 Spic Macay- Convenor Meghadeep Rasetty Software Final Year 9500137478
27 Spic Macay- (Co-Convenor) Divya Nair Journalism & Mass Comm. Final Year 9600066923
28 Transport & Campus Outlet Monitoring- Convenor Aravindha Raajan ICE Final Year 9698342157
29 Photography Club- Events Naveen Sundhar B.Sc - Viscom Final Year 9585420968
30 Music Club-Convenors Shivdutt Bharadwaj CSE Final Year 8056220621
32 Music Club-(Co-Convenors) Ritika Shukla Chemical  Final Year 7305221574
33 Rohit Khanna ECE Final Year 8939021674
34   Dance Club- Convenor Anshuman Pathak Chemical  Final Year 8939017701
35 Dance Club- (Co-Convenors) Jenny Ann John B.Sc - Viscom Final Year 8939404089
36 Madhumitha Aerospace Final Year 9940523104
37 Dramatics Club- Convenors Naga Nirvigna Smaran Challapalli Mechatronics Final Year 8099066799
38 Gautam Reddy Automobile Final Year 9003235331
39 Science Club - Convenor Shruti Ray Bio-Medical Final Year 8939018054
40 Quiz Club - Convenor Harshit Chaubisa EIE Final Year 8939013991
41 Quiz Club - (Co-Convenor) Aakash.R.Shah CSE Third Year 7200791370
42 Chess Club - Convenor Shobhit Khandelv ECE Final Year 9840705846
43 Festival Club - Convenor Mayank Sri Vastav EEE Final Year 8939014002
44 Festival Club - (Co-Convenor) Abhishek Pal Mechanical  Final Year 9566210285
45 E- Cell - Convenor Yuva Siddhartha Nano Technology Final Year 9444344099
44 E- Cell - (Co-Convenor) G.Ramasubramaniam ICE Third Year 9500766101
46 Film Club (Co-Convenor) V.Dinesh Guru Prasad CSE Third Year 9884843947
47 Creative Arts Club - (Co-Convenor) Akshay Agarwal CSE Third Year 9884826743
48 Certificate Committee- (Co-Convenors) Indira Priyadharshini.N B.Sc (CS) Third Year 9488133502
49 M.V.H.Ahmath Basha B.Sc (CS) Third Year 9677722619
50 Environment Club - Convenor Prince Ganotra Mechatronics Final Year 9790856814
51 Public Speaking Club - Convenor Deepesh Mahajan EEE Third Year 9790776183
52 1st Year Sports Coaching Team - Convenor Punati Arihith Civil Final Year 9790857839
53 Akkem Abhilash Kumar Reddy Civil Final Year 9600084088
54 1st Year Sports Coaching Team - (Co-Ordinators) S.Karuppasamy Pandian Nano Technology Third Year 8220307095
56 Mugeshwaran.A Aerospace Third Year 9698304209
57 Documentation - (Convenor) Devarati Sarkar Journalism & Mass Comm. Final Year 9789827022