A week-long Celebration of World Environment Day at SRM IST

SRMIST is a multi-disciplinary institute of excellence that has changed the lives of thousands of students worldwide. This has made SRMIST a considerable entity that has economic, social and environmental responsibilities. As a part of the latter, SRMIST has honoured the world environment week which served as a platform to generate environmental awareness among its masses. The consequences of which would be reflected into a better tomorrow for the upcoming generations.

Celebrated throughout the week from the 30th of May to the 5th of June, various activities and awareness programmes were conducted within and outside SRMIST’s campus. The main theme of the week was to “Beat Plastic Pollution” a rampant and prevalent problem throughout the country. SRMIST as a socially responsible institute, did its part to educate the masses about the ill effects of continual usage of plastics and its adverse effects on the environment.

30th May, 2018: The awareness campaign started with the entirety of SRMIST joining hands together to bring about a change in the usage of plastics. The students, staff and faculty had organized a one-minute mini walkathon cum environmental audit to generate awareness about the effects of plastics on our environment. This event also showcased the unity and solidarity of SRMIST against a common enemy, the event which united the entire Institute for a common cause was a moment of pride and satisfaction

31st May, 2018: As an educational entity, SRMIST has done its part to contribute to the society and community. As a part of this, SRM played its part by planting tree saplings at the premises of its rural health centre situated in the village of Mamandoor. This was our effort to reconstruct an otherwise soon to become unsustainable environment and minimise the effects of pollution by plastics

01st June, 2018: Awareness and active education of the masses was another attempt by SRMIST to curb the excessive use of plastics. The events of this day involved educating the masses of Potheri and its surrounding area about the overuse of plastics and the environmental abuse resulting from the same. A “Stop Plastic Campaign” was organised among the family members of SRM staff, educating them about the problems we face due to using of plastics

03rd June, 2018: With the ability to choke fishes and suffocate other marine life, the greatest victims of plastic abuse are undoubtedly the beaches of the city. In a bid to tackle the problem at its roots, SRMIST organized a ground level awareness program to reinforce the idea of stop using plastics and save what is left of the environment

04th June, 2018: To foster a competitive spirit in the issue at hand SRMIST organised competitions in the premises of Sivananda Gurukulam School and Ramakrishna Mission School in Kattankulathur and Chengalpet respectively. Students got to exhibit their talent in the form of drawing, essay and oratorical competitions and the day took a colourful hue in the hands of children and their beautiful ways of expression captured both in words and pictures.

05th June, 2018: This day was particularly celebrated as “World Environment Day” and bore witness to a plethora of activities of major significance within SRMIST to take a stand towards the persistent problem. The day’s events commenced with the mini-rally by the Student Nurses Association. The rally was flagged by Dr. C. Kanniammal and Prof. Vijayalakshmi Dean and Vice Principal of SRM School of Nursing respectively. Under their leadership, a team of 49 nursing students conducted a rally holding banners and placards that emphasized the importance of “Beating Plastic Pollution”. The rally concluded at the clock tower at 09:30 AM following which the clock tower was inaugurated.

We also had the honour of inaugurating the Air Quality monitor which was a one of its kind installation among the 5 others present in Chennai and 120 present all over India. Dr. Sandeep Sancheti, Vice Chancellor – SRMIST declared the Air Quality Monitor installation, the use of which involves assessing the quality of air, wind speed, pollution factors and detection of humidity It is worth noting that the quality of air within SRMIST was good and conformed to WHO’s standards.

Fifty students of Sivananda Gurukulam and Ramakrishna Mission Chengalpet had also attended the function. To praise their efforts and talent, the students we given prizes, certificates and saplings by both the Vice-Chancellor and Registrar. The registrar commended the commitment and the effort put in by various other department at SRMIST to celebrate the occasion. This was followed by tree planting near the T.P. Ganesan Auditorium. The program was concluded with the Environment Pledge followed by the vote of thanks note by Dr. Kantha Deivi Arunachalam, Dean, CENR, SRM IST.