Welcome Message to Freshers


Dear Students,

The academic year has begun in right earnest and we are well into business both inside and outside the classrooms. I am sure many of you have noticed the changes that are being made at the different Faculties-- not just to do with honing in our professional skills but also ensuring that SRM is a better place to study and live.

On the one hand we are having new faculty members for teaching and research; and this is a continual process. Committed to higher standards of excellence, SRM University will always look for those with exceptional standing in India and overseas who will be able to motivate students, researchers and fellow colleagues.

On the other hand we are also in the process of fine tuning students’ and campus life by bringing in new leadership who will play a critical role in the holistic development of a youngster’s life in our campus. Hostels or dormitories are not just places to retire to bed at the end of the day, they are intended to be places of living and learning where students meet friends from the four corners of India and overseas. Hostels are places to share ideas; have spirited discussions on national and international affairs; mull over new technologies and entrepreneurship; doing a little bit of poetry reading, just to mention a few. The list of what can be done in a place of living is literally endless! 

Another change that has been brought about has to do with re-engaging our Alumni — a very important part of SRM culture and family. Students do not come to SRM University and leave after three, four or five years. Physically they may have left but they will always be a part of the SRM family. The Alumni plays a very important role in the career development of students; they are a role model in many instances of cutting edge technologies, start-ups and an integral part of fund raising for academic excellence. My proposed funding for academic and research excellence is fully pegged to support from our alumni.

Also many of you would have noticed that we now have a Director to take care of Corporate Relations, yet another integral part of a student’s life at SRM University. The idea is to have a strong strategic plan for industry-institute collaboration that sees SRM University maintaining a strong and trustworthy relationship with the corporate world.  SRM University must  be in tune with the changing economic and employment trends in the market. Corporate houses play a crucial role in an academic setting which will have to be carefully identified as for instance in technical cooperation, joint research and in the potential for funding different projects in various faculties.

There is another reason for my message: to urge you all to get involved in the changes we are bringing about at SRM University. One way you can be part of this process is by constructively interacting with officials and administrators who are working hard to make this campus a better place to study and live. We are here to listen to fresh ideas and perspectives!

Professor. Prabir K  Bagchi,
Vice Chancellor,
SRM University.